Drew Madden Determined to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

For a long time, the healthcare sector has been experiencing challenges. Nations across the globe are investing heavily in the industry to ensure patients get value-based services. As a result, many lives are saved, and there is a general improvement in the health sector. Technology has been the critical area of focus for many healthcare organizations. With advanced technology, diagnosis and treatment have become easy. Many players are on the frontline to ensure the healthcare organizations implement technology and IT solutions for better service delivery.

Drew Madden is one of the IT executives who are focused to transform the health sector through IT and technological solutions. Drew has vast experience in implementing healthcare IT solutions. He is well informed on project management as well as consulting operations. Currently, Drew is working at Evergreen Healthcare Partners where he is serving as a managing partner. This firm is offering healthcare IT expertise services. Before joining the firm, Drew was working at Nordic Consulting Partners where he was very successful.

Drew has been working hard to ensure that healthcare sector implements technology and IT solutions that improve service delivery. A key thing that he has worked for a long time is to ensure that healthcare sector shifts from using paperwork to EMR systems. EMR has many advantages over paperwork, and he is an expert when it comes to EMR projects. Technology is changing every day, and it is essential to adopt new technology.

Scheduling, payroll automation, and tracking systems are some of the critical areas that need attention. Patient monitoring in hospitals is not as expected. With a proper tracking system, healthcare staff will be able to attend to patients fast depending on their numbers avoiding delays. When it comes to scheduling, many apps have come up, but they need improvement for high efficiency. On top of that, doctors need digital systems that will give accurate medical reports eliminating manual process of collecting patients’ diagnostic data. With the implementation of these and more technological and IT solutions, the sector will offer exceptional services.

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  1. Marjorie Zachariah (Post author)

    After providing consulting services for years, it is now proper to have people see the impact of technology with what they offer. From the engineering to delivery aussie papers show something striking about the healthcare sector, that it is a system. Working with any side being isolated or disconnected will not only fail the system but cost life along the line.


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