How The Academy of Art University Is Changing San Francisco For The Better

San Francisco, California, is one of America’s most affluent cities. It is California’s fourth-most populous city, and it’s full of history. San Francisco is known for its famed cable cars, it’s known for its rolling hills, and it’s known Alcatraz. One of the nation’s leading schools for the arts is located here, and it has made a huge impact on American society. The Academy of Art University has developed and produced plenty of talent throughout the decades. This for-profit school specializes in liberal arts, specializes in design and specializes in entertainment. AAU’s School of Game Development has brought forth a plan to make San Francisco’s Tenderloin District much safer.

Augmented reality will be used for this project as it will overlay on top of the city’s natural landscape. By doing so, the people of Tenderloin can use advanced moods to reflect on different areas of the district. For example, if one area of the district is laced with crime, the user can put an emotion of “angry” or “fear” on top of that specific area. If another area of the district has positive attributes, the user can put an emotion of “joy” on top of that specific area. All of this information will be relayed back to the Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation. Once the information is gathered in totality, city officials will began to work on making improvements to the areas.

This idea is genius as well as completely different than the norm. The actual residents of the area can definitely use their voice to implement positive change. The Academy of Art University is also in close proximity to the Tenderloin District. The application will be used for smartphones, and it’s named Tenderfeels. Each block of the district will be represented by these advanced-emotional moods, and the information will be in real-time.

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