Fortress Investment Group Icon -Peter Briger

Fortress Investment Group Icon -Peter Briger
Peter Briger is regarded as a Forbes top 400 business professional and a reputable leader in the world of business. He serves as the President of Fortress Investment Group, a leading and prominent global investment company. He joined it in 2002 after leaving Goldman Sachs where he had worked for fifteen years in multiple departments handling international and local clientele. In Fortress Investment Group where he is co-chairman, he oversees real estate and credit operations. Briger has been an instrumental figure in the growth of Fortress Investment Group due to his broad financial experience.

He started working in 1996 with Goldman Sachs as one of its partners. He obtained immense experience in handling finance issues such as; foreign investment, loans, real estate and trading. For his education, Peter Briger obtained a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania. He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton.

Employees of Fortress Investment Group contend that it is a fast-paced organization that offers various challenges and opportunities to its employees. They state that the company recognizes the dedication and hard work of employees by offering them attractive remunerations. The employees regard Fortress Investment Company as a high energy investment hedge fund that offers employees satisfaction and happiness. The organization has multiple industries that provide ample exposure for the employees to increase their knowledge base on financial services. In addition, they assert that co-workers are smart and friendly individuals willing to assist and work towards the success of the company.

Peter Briger owns a charitable organization that is based in New York City. The organization offers operational funding and grants to companies in need. He also provides educational support to individuals struggling with finances and other social issues. He has also invested in the preserving and maintaining of Central Park in New York. Briger is a humble businessman who has managed to give back to the society through his philanthropic endeavors. He is involved in projects geared towards providing education, reducing poverty and assisting children from low-income families.

As a successful entrepreneur, Peter Briger seeks to assist others to build their careers. He has a program which seeks to award graduates of Princeton University with funding which they will use to start their companies. He hopes to encourage graduates to come up with creative ideas that can ensure their success in the competitive business market.

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