Rodrigo Terpins and His Accomplished Career in Rally Racing

When you go to the Facebook account of Rodrigo Terpins, you wouldn’t probably expect that he’s one of the most respected rally drivers in Brazil today. You would think from his photos with his daughter that he’s just this Family Man who enjoys spending personal time with family and with work. You can also see Rodrigo Terpins just hanging out with friends over some dinner with wine. It might be the last thing of your mind that he has joined several cut-throat races today in Brazil that would have caused him his life.



We should also say here that the races that Rodrigo Terpins joined weren’t run of the mill. They’re some of the hardest races that Brazil’s racing culture has ever seen. One of these races is the Sertoes Rally, where Rodrigo Terpins had to go through a 2,600-kilometer track that was divided into seven stages, and that was made up of 2 states. This was the 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally, and it is one of the most difficult race events that Rodrigo Terpins’ team had ever seen. Check out for more.




Another spectacular achievement in the successful racing career of Terpins is when he organized his racing team with his partner, Fabricio Bianchini, which is called the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The group he assembled was so successful that he was able to seize the 8th position of the Sertoes Rally under the Prototypes T1 category. His team bested the competition, which consisted of about 38 competitors. It was a defining moment in the racing history of Mr. Terpins, and it is something that could put him in the spot of the most outstanding racers that Brazil has ever seen.



It’s also quite impressive to know that Rodrigo Terpins still had the time to start his racing team considering that he already has so much to do in his corporate life. His passion for racing is indeed an active example of how your love for something would be your needed fuel to try new ventures. Fortunately, all these racing ventures and dreams of Rodrigo Terpins have all paid off up to this day.



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