Doctor Saad Saad and the Inventions that He Gave Us

Pediatricians save move lives than we realize. When a Pediatrician saves a child he also saves the child’s family; now what can be said about a professional that has performed thousands upon thousands of operations over the course of 40 years? Enter doctor Saad Saad. As an accomplished pediatrician Dr. Saad has ventured across the globe performing free procedures on children of the less fortunate. On his journey, Mr. Saad was able to see angles of the medical field that were at the least to say not optimal. And so, in a pursuit for excellence he had created inventions that forever have set a higher standard for medical equipment.

One of those inventions are the “Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device” (patent number 5,727,553). A Catheter is a tubes serving a very broad range of functions; from temporarily assisting in an operation to being left inside the body for future need. Common uses include draining fluids and accessing previous medical instruments. To utilize this tool, it must be precisely inserted into the body. This process is then followed by a need to pinpoint the exact location of the catheter (in case of future needs). Traditionally, the only ways to pinpoint the device is by x-ray (which leave the patient susceptible to radiation) or by medical resonance imaging (MRI machines are huge and require a lot of extra time to be devoted to every process). Here Dr. Saad saw an opportunity to improve the medical field. With the invent of Saad Saad’s improved catheter invention, all that is now required is a scan on the body! Think of using a metal detector until you receive a signal (a light) saying “oh hey there is something right here”. While the tool itself is having some trouble gaining traction (due to manufacturing complexity) its small, portable and highly practical design can help save time and even save lives!

Another one of Dr. Saad’s inventions is the “Methods and Apparatus for Providing Suction and/or Irrigation in a Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact with a Target Area Through the Endoscope“. While its a mouthful to say, it’s role in the industry is begging to prove invaluable. Endoscopes/ endoscopy is a very common practice in medicine; sending a camera into the organs through the mouth. Now, even though the procedure has been done countless times it always ran into the problem of internal obstruction. Whenever the camera was being navigated inside the body it would run into situations that would require removal of the camera, inserting a vacuum to remove the obstruction (such as a fluid) and then reinserting the camera; which can happen multiple time throughout one procedure. The solution, Dr. Saad’s apparatus. While simple in design and cheap to manufacture it provides an opportunity simultaneously navigate the camera, vacuum obstructions and even provide a soft irrigation flush to clear and have a better chance to view what is happening in real time. Of course, the fluid used to wash out, easily gets vacuumed back immediately.

When asked what brought him to such innovative and effective equipment idea’s; Dr. Saad replied: “Necessity is the mother of all innovation”. Learn more:


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