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Ian King Explains how the Bond Market Is Challenging the Stock Market

In Ian King’s recent article in Banyan Hill, he explains the growing popularity of bonds. Ian argues that the bond market is becoming a challenge to the stock market. The stock market has been the leader in performance among the two for almost one decade. During those moments, the S&P went higher by 29%. According to King in his article, the central reserve agreed to hold its rates. Follow Ian King at stocktwits.com.

However, the coming up meeting in June will determine with a substantial hike point. The banks’rates of overnight lending are known as the fed fund. The fed funds are at a steady rate of 1.75%. These rates are expected to go high by .25% by the end of the forthcoming meeting in June.

As Ian puts it, the feds have always been constant as its patterns increased in the past. However, the latest increases have made more investors to focus their attention on the bond market. King who has more experience in mortgage bond training provides valuable knowledge concerning the bond market and how trends are about to change. According to Ian, most investors believe they cannot get a better alternative due to lack of competition. Hence Ian advises that they can hold the stock until there is something attractive to invest their resources.

Ian King on the Changing Bonds and Cryptocurrency environment

Ian King has over 20 years of experience in hedge fund field as well as a professional cryptocurrency trader. He mostly involves himself in analyzing a wide range of financial markets. Ian King claims that the United States stock market has been going through a bull market for over a decade now. Nevertheless, the bond market is currently giving the stock market some significant competition. Thus, Ian advises investors to pull from the stock market and invest in the bond market.

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Ian King is a former hedge manager as well as a cryptocurrency trader. His insights regarding the crypto-market have featured on Investopedia, Fox Business News, Seeking Alpha as well as the Zero Hedge. Additionally, he has created the first unique crypto investing multimedia product for Investopedia academy. He started his career at the Salomon Brothers as a desk clerk. He later joined the credit derivatives at Citigroup where he spent a decade performing trading options as the chief trader. Currently, he is the editor of Crypto Profit Trader Service, an advisory relating to investment that points out the winning crypto trends. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.

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