The Farming Life Of Milan Kordestani

For a child who was both a resident of California and London, took to outdoor life relatively easy. At the age of ten while taking a horseback Milan was thrown from his horse. Instead of being fearful from the episode, Mr. Kordestani got back on his horse and became more involved with equestrian events. Milan’s hard work and training paid off in 2015 when he and his horse, CH His Supreme Reflection won the first third of the Triple Crown event. From there Mr. Kordestani has placed fourth then second in the World Championship Horse Show in different years and has a third place finish at the American Royal, a nationally title event and the last third of the Triple Crown series.

In addition to competing in equestrian events, Milan has founded Milan Farms in his sophomore year of high school. Milan Farms is operated the way Mr. Kordestani believes all farms should be operated: with complete transparency about framing practices, feed grain used, and general operations. Milan Farms has grown quickly since inception in 2015 with the name and brand now trademarked. Eggs, mint, and saffron are all produced at Milan Farms. The farm has since increased to three farms across the west coast with one farm in Colorado. Saffron is the major export of the farm and is distributed all around the world. Everything that Milan Farms produces is 100% organic.

Mr. Kordestani’s farms are one of the first to grow saffron hydropnically on sponges. In addition to the running of Milan Farms as the CEO, Milan is an active college student in the San Francisco Bay area as well as a writer for the Huffington Post. To read more about Milan Kordestani and Milan Farms, please click here.

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