Flavio Maluf President of Eucatex Reports on Agribusiness Exports

The Secretariat of International Relations (SIR) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MALS), announced that agribusiness had a decrease of 0.7% as compared to the previous year. The report was on July 13, covering the results of June exports. Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex also contributed to the report.

June 2017/2018 Report

Exports in June/2018 were reported to reach $ 9.21 billion. In 2017 June, exports from the sector reached $ 9.21 billion. The agricultural industry represented 45.6% of the country’s total sales. In June 2018, imports from the industry reached $ 1.04 billion. It has been pointed out by Flavio Maluf that the movements were due to balances in agribusiness that were a total of $ 8.17 billion, which lead to + 0.7%. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MALFS) Agenda

Agribusiness in Brazil entails small, intermediate, and large producers in the rural areas. The agribusiness activities are brought together under one roof and this is the agricultural institution. The activities include agricultural production, dispensation, and supply of farm products.The ministry of agriculture has an agenda of integrating all agricultural activities to make agribusiness more productive and profitable. Things to be incorporated are the market, environmental and organizational aspects, scientific, and technological processes.

Flavio Maluf points out that the ministry wants to execute policies of 28 segment chambers and eight thematic chambers, which involves the production sector of agribusiness in Brazil.


Flavio Maluf is a renowned businessman who was born from a wealthy family. Apart from his family’s wealth, they had a politician as part of their family. His father was in politics and also a successful businessman. Despite Flavio Maluf coming from a wealthy family, he worked hard to grow his empire.

The idea for Eucatex

Flavio Maluf runs Eucatex, which is a big business. He informs that his idea came from his great-grandfather Salim who ran a renowned sawmill in Latin America. The name of his company Eucatex was adopted from Eucalyptus, the wood used by the company in the manufacturing of slabs used in the construction industry.

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