Stephen M. Hicks: The Epitome of Excellent Leadership and Financial Expertise in Southrige Capital

Southridge capital is a Connecticut-based company that offers financial solutions to public companies. It has endeavored to give its clients innovative financial solutions. The company has grown rapidly since 1996 to invest in over 250 companies across the world to a tune of $1.8M. The success can be attributed to their experienced team that has a good understanding of the market structure and always working towards executing the best financial plans to their various clients.

At the peak of its management team, Stephen M. Hicks comes out as an able leader being both the company’s CEO as well as founding principal. Stephen M. Hicks undertakes setting of the company’s overall strategic direction roles. Additionally, he is in-charge of Southridge Capital’s business development and execution.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Stephen M. Hicks has put the company at the forefront of the financial industry. The company now offers services that cover all bases ranging from financial analysis, balance sheet optimization to mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, Southridge Capital, offers bankruptcy and settling litigation advice to its clients.

Mr. Hicks, the BS in Business Administration degree holder from King’s College, is well versed with financial structuring, risk arbitrage, derivatives as well as investment banking.

Mr. Hicks’s source of the idea for Southridge

He came up with the idea of starting Southridge while working at a hedge fund organization whose principle had returned to Australia. It was winding down and he decided to start his own while working at the hedge fund.

Walking in Hicks’s shoes

Every day, Hicks reviews the tasks before him and assigns himself and his employees the tasks to be tackled during the day. While his company is offering the best services, he is always looking for opportunities that would offer his company’s clients good returns. Mr. Hicks believes in customer satisfaction.

Trends to note

The rise of crypto currencies is a trend that interests Steven Hicks. Additionally, the rise of legal marijuana market has also intrigued him. The two trends share one characteristic: potential profits.

Southridge Capital’s corporate social responsibility

It demonstrates its recognition for social responsibilities through formal and informal philanthropy. The company encourages volunteer work and giving back to the community activities. Southridge Capital supports various charity groups and non-profit organizations.

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