Rodrigo Terpins Finds Success With Sustainable Wood Venture.

There is something to be said of the bravery that one must have in order to turn away from an exciting and profitable career in order to pursue what you believe in. Rodrigo Terpins is a well-known rally car driver for the Bull Sertoes team in Brazil. He and his navigator Fabricio Bianchini recently scored the 3rd place mark in the Sertoes Rally for T1 prototypes back in 2014. Despite Terpins success in the field of athletics, there was more that he wanted to accomplish with his personal drive and determination. For that reason, we’re going to take some time in order to get to know one of Brazil’s newest successful entrepreneurs.


While Rodrigo Terpins enjoys hitting the track and feeling the adrenaline of putting the pedal to the metal, there’s something uniquely satisfying about taking a business idea and fostering it to success. describes the adrenaline rush from a successful business accomplishment is not dissimilar to that of winning a race and perhaps that is why Terpins has had so much success in recent years. Outside of racing, Terpins has been hard at work developing Floresvale into one of the most important wood production companies in all of Brazil. How is he doing this? By making Floresvale unique, of course.


Terpins had correctly identified that Brazil had a booming timber production industry. According to, Terpins also identified that most of the production companies did not use sustainable techniques in order to cultivate and harvest their product, thus directly damaging the environment as a result. So, Terpins decided to create Floresvale as a wood provider that was eco-friendly and ethical in their operations. The wood that Floresvale produces is certified and completely pulled from sustainable sources, helping both the environment and his customers.


When Rodrigo Terpins isn’t working in the country on his various rural projects, Terpins is commuting back to the city for meetings. When en route, Terpins uses his commute time in order to have satellite meetings with his various partners. Terpins knows that just like in a race, there is never any time that you should be comfortable with racing and perhaps that is a huge aspect of his success.


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