Dr. Rick Shinto’s leadership and management at InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is considered one of the leading healthcare service providers that focus on providing high-quality healthcare services to patients in North America. Since establishment, the company has tremendously grown and employed highly experienced healthcare service providers and personnel in order to actualize its mission of providing quality services.




InnovaCare has continued to grow its coverage and most recently extended its emergency medical services to Puerto Rican residents. The company, among other things, strives to improve the health and lifestyles of the society by having physicians work round-the-clock to disseminate Medicare and Medicaid services that are deemed affordable for the society.




The company, in the bid to achieve its obligations, has employed highly qualified personnel. Rick Shinto is InnovaCare Health’s Chief Executive Officer, a position that he has held since 2012. Shinto rings to InnovaCare over 20 years’ worth of experience in the managed care sector. Before joining the company, Shinto worked in various managed care organizations including AVEA Inc. where he worked as the company’s Chief Executive Officer for four years.




Shinto’s qualifications in the field of healthcare service management sector began when he acquired his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California before joining the University of Redlands for a masters degree in business administration. He also furthered his medical knowledge by studying more in the field of medicine at the State University of New York.




Since graduation from education, Shinto has contributed positively in authoring scientific articles in regard to clinical and healthcare medical practice. He has also previously worked with other companies in the medical sector; the first of which was serving as a pulmonologist and an intern from a medical facility in Southern California. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Shinto also broadened his experience in medical service by working as a Vice President at the MedPartners Healthcare facility. For more details check out crunchbase.com





Dr. Shinto’s expertise in the provision of healthcare services has previously been recognized by various institutions which have awarded and accredited his performance. For example, Ernest and Young recently named him as the Entrepreneur of the Year, an accolade he received for having successfully incorporated operational changes within the InnovaCare Company. You can visit laraza.com





According to his personal ideology, Dr. Rick Shinto is greatly inspired by healthcare service provision with relentless efforts. He appreciates the value of upholding teamwork in the performance of various duties. It is through teamwork that Dr. Shinto has been able to successfully run InnovaCare Health during his tenure at the company.


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