Clay Huston Sets the Standard for Sound Engineering and Entertainment Management

As a business owner, Clay Hutson is fully aware of the hard work it takes to excel in his field. He also knows that customers expect the very best. As a sound engineer and project manner with decades of experience, he knows how to meet and surpass customer expectations. He also knows what it is like to work from dawn to dawn to complete a project.

His success also draws energy from his college days. He attended for theatre design, and went on to work for several companies that provided live entertainment. With these companies, he learned a lot about sound engineering and managing projects. He became a jack of all trades with respect to his industry. As such, his path as an entrepreneur formed. With enough experience and motivation, he decided to start his own entertainment production company.

Clay Hutson worked for Billy Graham and his traveling outfit. He also worked for rock’n’roll groups. Today, the industry knows him for dedicating a considerable amount of time and energy to the work he loves. His forte is now producing, designing, and managing the process when clients tour live. Some of his clients include the biggest names in the business. These include, but are not limited to, Pink, Kid Rock, and Garbage.

Business start-ups usually come with a history of why owners became inspired to start a business. Clay Hutson’s idea to start his own business resulted from his experience and knowledge of his own capabilities and skills. There was a recession that affected his employment at a company where he worked. This gave him the incentive to branch out on his own and start a company.

After having found success, Huston has a system for remaining sharp. His day starts at 6:30 a.m. He arrives before anyone else and goes over the schedule for the day. Planning well ahead increases productivity for everyone involved. Once the show progresses, Hutson prepares to take everything down. He stays current by keeping up with technology and equipment in his field.

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