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How Handy Can Help You Clean Up

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House cleaning services are a luxury these days, and the ability to request these services on demand is an even greater luxury. If you aren’t getting help with cleaning your home, it may be a good time for you to check out the new Handy website.

The founders of Handybook, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, are hoping that their website will be the next Uber. House cleaning is something everyone needs, but with busy schedules and school activities for the kids it’s hard to keep up. This is one of the most basic reasons families are looking for help with their household chores.

Cleaning isn’t the only service that consumers can request, but regular maintenance is available as well. Handybook on techcrunch.com is quite handy in that you can schedule services.

Most likely, you don’t realize just how much work it is to clean your home, but family time and work time are your highest priority. If you plan ahead and make a grocery list on a regular basis, why not schedule your cleaning services in advance too?

Handy Home Cleaning Services gives you the convenience you need. You can view the services and their providers online, and you can make payments online as well. This means that every single aspect of getting your home clean has been taken care of. There is no longer a need to hire maids when you can rely on the use of your computer and the appropriate apps to schedule the help you want and need. That is pretty remarkable!

As easy as you can order a pizza online, you can punch in your zip code, as well as the rooms you would like to have cleaned. Start times are also available to plug in, and you can get the quote online in a flash. It’s so easy and you can schedule your home cleaning services right from your mobile app. All you need to do is place a credit card on file and voila! Everything will be done for you as requested.

Cleaning your home shouldn’t have to be a burden. This is why home cleaning services are available to you with the click of a button. Handybook takes care of all of the background checks and other formalities, so you can relax and enjoy a clean home! Can you imagine hiring someone to help you with basic maintenance around your house too?

Home cleaning services are just the tip of the iceberg for the founders of Handybook. Handy home cleaning services is available to you around the clock. You can view your options when it’s convenient for you, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

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Flipora’s Discovery Engine to Change Internet

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The way we browse the internet has rapidly been changing ever since it became accessible to so many people. Once upon a time there was little to no social media aspect to the internet, there were a variety of different search engines, and getting anywhere was pretty difficult. Now the world is more connected than ever, a single search engine dominates all traffic, and social media companies are struggling to innovate due to how saturated the marketplace is.

Flipora is a social media browsing engine that relies on Artificial Intelligence in order to maximize its effectiveness. Users install the application into their browser, or mobile device, and then proceed with surfing the web as normal. Running in the background is Flipora’s Discovery Engine, quietly collecting search data and indexing it into the cloud. That data is then rolled together with all of the other data pouring in from the millions of unique visitors before being vented back out. Like minded users will connect and suggest content to one another. From there you can pick through the suggested websites, vote on how much you like it, and then greatly expand your internet’s reach. It’s a pretty inventive idea that pulls from websites like Facebook and StumbleUpon as well as, obviously, Google.

Passive content curation might be the wave of the future because it brings content to people who don’t have to work for it. We’ve seen that users like to be involved with their content thanks to aggregate sites like Digg and Reddit. Flipora has already gotten some huge traction in the industry thanks to the aggressive way that investors have flocked to them. The founders of Google Adsense, Powerset, Like.Com, and Aster Data have each individually put big money behind the project and huge growth is projected as a result.

Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan are the two founders of the engine, which they developed while attending Stanford University, and their life has dramatically changed as a result. Right now their goal is to continue working on the Discovery Engine in order to continually change how users connect, find content, and experience the internet. It’s an ambitious goal but the 7 million unique users of Flipora already show that the goal is coming to fruition.

Basketball World News

Bruce Levenson Leaves The Atlanta Hawks After A Decade

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The NBA is constantly changing with players and officials arriving and departing on a regular basis as teams trade and changeb their plahying stance over time. One area that rarely changes, but has seen a growing number of changes is that of the ownership of franchises across the world’s larest basketball league. Summer’s now tend to see at least one team change hands as a new owner arrives at one franchise at least, following the sale of the LA Clippers in 2014 the Atlanta Hawks have become the latest NBA franchise to have a new owner. Tony Ressler has taken the place vacated by Bruce Levenson on wikipedia and the Atlanta Spirit consortium who have been in charge of the Atlanta Hawks since 2004. Levenson and his consortium members have overseen a startling reversal of fortunes for the Atlanta Hawks, who had been struggling for a number of years when Bruce Levenson arrived in a $250 million takeover deal. Arriving as the owner of both the Hawks and the Thrashers NHL franchise the Bruce Levenson led consortium always had an eye on the Hawks as the major prize in the deal they struck to buy the sporting dynasty from the Time Warner organization. Over the course of his leadership of the Hawks the franchise has progressed from being the worst team in the NBA standings to the number one seed in their conference at the close of the 2014-15 regular season. New ownerships have been something of a growing trend in the NBA over recent years as the Hawks have joined the like of the Clippers, Brooklyn Nets and a number of other franchises in seeing new owners arrive. The latest change at the Hawks sees the franchise join franchises like the Dallas Mavericks and the Clippers in being owned by billionaires who are looking to engage their love of sports in a practical way. Tony Ressler will add the ownership of the Hawks to a growing list of those with numerous sporting franchises they own, Ressler himself is a part owner of baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers. Bruce Levenson and his fellow former owners of the Atlanta Hawks have also added to their business reputations as they received a large profit from the sale of the franchise and the operating rights to Philips Arena. The $250 million spent on two sporting franchises and the arena operating rights have been dwarfed by the $170 million paid for the Thrashers franchise and the reported $830 million spent by Tony Ressler on the Hawks franchise.


Citadel Dots Their I’s and Crosses Their T’s

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Ken Griffin mounts the ladder of success shortly after graduating from Harvard University in the late 1980’s. He grabbed his diploma from Harvard, his love for the investment world, and his magic wand soaked in business ingenuity and escalated to the top rung of the success ladder.

While in Harvard, Ken Griffin’s time was spent studying and trading. After graduation, he moved ahead quickly with the start of Citadel in 1990. Citadel is a global investment business. As one of the world’s largest and highly successful hedge fund companies, he has, through outstanding management survived all the market crisis in the past 15 years.

Protecting the intellectual properties of Citadel, it takes five badge swipes to arrive at the investment desks when you work at Citadel. Enter the Citadel offices with one ID swipe from the garage into the building. One swipe to pass security of the building, one swipe for the elevator, one swipe to enter the offices. The final swipe welcomes you into the trading area where the computers and investment strategy area reside.

The year 2008 was a dark moment for Citadel during the financial crisis. During that period, they lost over half their volume and it was very rocky at this company, but Griffen said they pulled through this grave event due to the fantastic quality of staff of Citadel.

Looking toward the future and the direction they needed to plan, they of their research zeroed in on Transparent Liquid Assets and this is where the future would be. They moved the entire business toward the trading of equities and fixed income and government securities, foreign exchange, oil, natural gas, very liquid assets in their business. They believe in the old military adage KISS, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. It may seem simple to others, but it is what Citadel embraces and where they will be taking Citadel in the future. Keeping their core team close and keeping things simple, they were able to focus on their strategy, get back on their feet and prosper.

With Griffin at the helm and a successful core staff, Citadel will be celebrating their 25 year anniversary in business. The key to their success is the incredible emphasis put on hiring the very brightest and best. The culture at Citadel is exemplary. The believe in their staff and displaying confidence and fairness, they prosper by adhering to the rules both domestically and abroad; dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s. Citadel maintains their culture through good management, follow-through, and professionalism.

Griffin is extremely active in educational causes. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. Donating $250M through personal contributions and through Citadel Foundation improving and enriching the lives of others. He also very generously contributes to the University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and the Art Institute. His generosity and wish for the well-being of everyone is an outstanding quality that is very noticeable upon meeting him.

Social Media/Apps

Flipora Creates Distance from StumbleUpon, Builds Brand.

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Some businesses want to get a fanbase so that they can cash a few checks and others want to change the world. On the internet, the latest and greatest human frontier, there are very few ways that you can get ahead of the pack. The internet is so deep, wide, and expansive that it is almost impossible to generate a buzz unless you are backed by big money or offering something new and unique to the world. Mark Zuckerberg changed social media with his accessible website and Instagram made photo’s relevant in a whole new way. Now Flipora is coming along in an attempt to change the way we curate content. For Flipora to succeed they must leave comparisons to website successes like Facebook in the dust.

Flipora was initially established under the name InfoAxe but it wasn’t long until a rebranding attempt turned things all around. What Flipora is trying to do, essentially, is put content in front of the right pair of eyes. Right now we have to go through an extensive list of procedures in order to find new content to steep ourselves into. If you want to find a new website you have to either know where it is or stumble upon it in a search engine. The most effective way to discover content, as it turns out, is by relying on your friends. But relying on your friends isn’t a consistent way to get new information. So in order to hone in on the idea while making it more accessible, Flipora has initiated the Discovery Engine.

You install Flipora into your browser and let it passively monitor your search engine habits. These habits are logged and indexed on the Flipora cloud servers. From there the information is compiled and then doled out to like minded individuals. Once users connect with one another they will see websites pop up in the windowpane of their browser.

This Discovery Engine is giving a new outlook on the possibly outdated search engine marketplace. More effective than trawling through keywords, Flipora will bring content straight to you and thus eliminate the middle man completely. Some users have legitimate privacy concerns with their user information being collected and the team at Flipora has gone a long way toward allaying those issues. Users can disable Flipora logging at anytime and uninstall the program with a simple click of the button.

The bones of the Flipora engine are similar to that of StumbleUpon but the Discovery Engine is done so much smoother. Right now the company has crossed the threshold on 8 million users and they are indexing over 20 million pages of data every single day. With each passing week Flipora pushes away from the StumbleUpon comparisons.


Skout : Show Off Your Personality And Find Companions

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Skout Helps You Connect With A LOT Of New People At Once

Dating has never been easier. Skout is a way to meet people, make friends and find the right companion. Before Skout came along, dating was a tough job! You’d have to find a way to strike up a conversation with a stranger. The spontaneity involved in such an act is thrilling. It’s something worth trying, but it usually doesn’t lead to a relationship unless you’re doing it constantly. Dating and make friends is almost like a business. Businesses rely on leads to generate clients. The more clients a business has, the better results their sales team will have. The power is in the numbers with dating, also.

As a user, you make your profile to fit who you are as a person. Take the time to make the right profile. It will count in the end. If you really take your time, you can set up a profile that will drive people to you. They will be asking you out. They will want to be your friend because you are interesting to them. The people who come across your profile will see whatever you post, so make sure you’re posting things that represent your unique personality. Post pictures that capture the lovable light you give to the world. Present yourself to others like you would want others to present to you.

Approach Others And Engage In Conversation On Skout

Take the lead. Search through other peoples’ profiles to find the right person to talk to on Skout. It’s a dating app and a social media app, so people are not surprised when a new person talks to them. Do not be shy with your approach. Tell the person what brought you to their page. Tell them why you clicked on their link. Was it their picture? That is a perfectly fine reason to want to talk to someone. You are attracted to this person, and you’re using an app that is designed to help people find dates, so tell them what is attractive about their picture. This person might just fit your type. Tell them that. It really helps to break the ice with something like this.

Be ready to tell them about yourself. Don’t just repeat what is on your profile because they’ll probably look at it and read it when you approach them. Talk more in depth about who you are and what you like to do in the world. This helps you stand out among all the other writers or travelers or waitresses or models. Tell them details that are intimate to you.

A Better LIfe

Yeonmi Park To Give Awesome Speech At DePauw University

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I have heard the story of Yeonmi Park many times over the years as I have looked through the difficult relationship between North and South Korea, and through her inclusion on the BBC’s Top 100 Women list. The speech Yeonmi Park will coincide with the release of Park’s book In Order To Live and will see her join the likes of President Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and NFL quarterback Andrew Luck in giving the lecture that dates back to 1986.

Yeonmi Park has chosen to tell the story of her own escape from North Korea as a way of making sure her own story and that of those who are still trapped in North Korea does not go unheard. Park’s family decided to escape the oppressive regime of North Korea after her father lost his job in the civil service and was forced into a labor camp after he traded with Chinese nationals to provide food for his family during a drought. With the family on the brink of starvation the decision was made for them to cross into China and make their way to the safety of South Korea on a journey taking almost two years to complete. Since arriving in South Korea Yeonmi Park has worked as a human rights activist and now acts as a spokesperson for North Korean refugees.

Yeonmi Park will be the youngest speaker at the annual event in its history as the speech will be given just one day after her 22nd birthday. many, like myself, are interested to hear about the harrowing journey that initially saw only Yeonmi Park and her mother survive the journey to the South Korean embassy in Mongolia before Yeonmi’s sister made her way to the family five years after their 2009 arrival in South Korea.


Cutting Snow in Squaw Valley

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Home to the 1960 Winter Olympics, Squaw Valley Ski Resort has some rich history. Today, this resort boasts the regal Sierra Mountains in the background and splendid Lake Tahoe in the forefront.

For beginning snow bunnies, there are special learning zones. These are safe places to practice skiing and snowboarding before hitting the trails. Advanced skiers will love the trails cut into the mountain slopes. These slopes offer heart-pounding runs with bowls and chutes to thrill you.

Snowboarding and tubing offer alternative forms of fun. Plenty of winter snowfall means the season is long and full of opportunities to enjoy the thrills of jumps and the speed of slick rubber zipping along ice paths. Ice skate with your sweetheart at the ice rink in Squaw Valley.

The winter season lasts into spring with an average snowfall of over 400 inches and the help of over 80 snow machines. As the cold weather warms in spring, ski down the slopes, which are still well-groomed, in your short sleeves.

Recent renovations to Squaw Valley include new lifts, new lodges and plenty of upgrades to the trails and surrounding village. Try some delicious crepes at one of the village restaurants or shop at Lather and Fizz for some bath time delights.

With jobs as a back country ranger, a love for the environment, and a 70 million dollar renovation budget, Wirth went on to put Squaw Valley Ski Resort in one of the top twenty percent of resorts…in his first year as CEO.

Beautiful views, great accommodations, delicious foods and most of all, fantastic skiing, snowboarding, tubing and ice skating, make this a winter destination that should not be missed.

Social Media/Apps

Flipora: The Newest Way to Find What You Love

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You may not have heard of Flipora yet, but it’s on its way to becoming as well-known as Facebook or Twitter. Flipora, established in 2012, is the new way to find exciting internet content. The app is based on artificial intelligence that uses internet activity, web searches and social media interests to find new content for the user to love. This is a personalized service that recommends web content based on what the user enjoys. Flipora is unique because it uses an algorithm to group web content into categories based on interest, then it provides users with new content based on those categories.

The Flipora user can link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what their friends are following and allow their friends to see their interests. Users of Flipora can find new blogs, news, videos and other web content based on what they are already interested in. One distinctive thing about Flipora is that is uses information from what a user is already doing on the web, mainly web searches and social media activities, to find new things to enjoy. The longer a user is on Flipora, the more personal and relevant the recommendations become. The app also allows for changes in interests based on what the user is looking for at the time.

One concern potential users may have is privacy. Flipora takes the privacy of its users very seriously. Personal information is never shared, users can elect to go “off the record” if they don’t want to share their web activity and users can block sites if there is certain content they don’t want to see. Flipora wants users to know that privacy is not an issue when using the app.

Flipora was recently named by Forbes as being one of the top five apps for content discovery. It has over 30 million users currently and is expected to keep growing. With Flipora a user can find new things they never knew existed. Now that you know what Flipora does, what can it help you discover?

What To Do/Humility/A Better LIfe

Why Humility is Important

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In spirituality, there is often talk about the importance of humility. Interestingly enough, it seems to be at odds with business and marketing. It seems that in order to really get somewhere, one has to constantly promote himself. Also, the common attitude of people in all aspects of society including business is that of superiority. Many people seem to parade around about how superior they are to others. Often times, they have very little if anything to show for their bragging. Often times, it seems as if people that are actually great at what they do are forgotten about in the midst of the loud trumpet blowers.

However, one should not be fooled. humility is a very important trait, and it does take the individual far. In order for it to work, one must understand what humility is and what it isn’t. Humility is not constantly beating oneself down and insisting that he is not worth anything. True humility is recognizing that as good as one gets, he is still no better than anyone else. Everyone has the potential to achieve what he has. In fact, humility teaches one to value others beside himself. He is then teachable, and willing to learn from others. He also values what others have to say, no matter how different it could be from what he believes.

One person who is known to do just that is Joseph Bismark. The way he runs business is not as someone who is superior and is to be served, but as someone who sees others as equals and partners. His purpose in working is to actually help others improve their lives. He works with others in order to help them figure out their path in life. He does not dictate what they should think, or what path they should follow. He understands that people are different and that it is up to them to know their life purpose.

Joseph Bismark is a large example of humility. It is actually an attractive trait. There are many instances when one is so revered that he is made out to be unapproachable until people meet him. Often times, the guy who is promoting the other guy is rather prideful and unapproachable himself. Either way, the respected one often turns out to be one who others want to be around.