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Denzel Masters Many Roles

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Denzel Washington is an amazing actor. He has been giving people something to think about when it comes to his best movies. He has been in a lot of different roles. There have been times when he was a dad. At other times he was a soldier. He has been a politician, an ex-convict and a host of things, and it seems like the best is still yet to come.


The Oscar that he won for “Training Day” shows a level of critical acclaim that was there for his time as a crooked cop on the screen. This was a very interesting role because he had spent so much time moving getting into the role of a bad character. Washington spent so much of his life trying to get into the role of good characters. He was almost type cast, but “Training Day” was a departure from everything that he has ever done before.


Another role that he mastered was that of a father in “Fences.” He had already been on Broadway with this as a play, but now he is receiving rave reviews for his role in the movie adaptation. He has done some excellent work with this movie, and people are also talking about his first time role as a cowboy in “The Manificent 7” remake.


The best Denzel Washington movies have proven he is very versatile when it comes to movie roles. He has the ability to take on just about any part. There is a lot of praise for his work.

Art as a Business

The Silver Screen Explodes With F/X

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Visual Effects dominate the movie screen displaying trauma, terror, excitement, and speed. Adding depth to the flat screen keeping the audience on the edge of their seat and their imagination reaching heights never before imagined.

First visual effects used in movies were referred to as “smoke and mirrors” using trick effects that made the audiences gasp and awe. Then came the lighting, shadowing and chemical processing to bring about more intense effects. Followed by double exposures, zooms and pans, fades and many other optical effects to attract and emphasize the visual result wanted.

Later in the century the silver screen moved into the digital age with makeup, computer-generated images (CGI) adding techniques in leaps and bounds to lure the thrill seekers and dominate the screen with visual effects.

The leaders in special effects (F/X) beginning in the 1960s we owe so much to Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock was a genius when it came to film-making and the imagination. The movie, The Birds was an example of his genius.

The musical fantasy Mary Poppins won the Academy Award in the category of FX-Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke clambered around with cartoon characters of penguins, carousel ponies, and sheep. The audience was mesmerized with the special effects shown here.

We now fast-forward through Space Odyssey moving into Artificial Intelligence in 2001 with Spielberg’s science fiction story of a robot boy longing for love from his mother. Star Wars continues to dominate the screen with special effects not to be sidelined by Avatar in 2009, Harry Potter F/X style movies, Earthquake, and the list goes on.

John Textor, the previous CEO and Chairman of Digital Domain Productions and its parent company, Digital Domain Media CEO. These two company were responsible for the F/X of more than 80 huge films, with Textor’s leadership in the forefront. Textor re-established the first visual effects company, Digital Domain and won multiple Academy Awards for his genius. From 2006 through today, Digital Domain has produced visual effects for over 20 huge box office movies, not to discount many projects we visually enjoy every day on the screens, trailers and ads.

Textor, Chairman of the Board of Pulse Evolution Corporation, is responsible for special projects, among many other relationships with major media companies.