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Blogger Emily McClure Tests Out Wen by Chaz

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After seeing the commercials on TV, Blogger Emily McClure decided to try out WEN by Chaz to see what all of the fuss was about. She devised her own product test of Wen Cleansing Conditioner and gave the product a one-week trial to see if the results matched up to the glamour in the TV spots.

On her first day using Wen Cleansing Conditioner, McClure decided that after a long day that had exposed her hair to all of the elements, the time was right to start her experiment. She was a bit surprised by the amount the instructions said to apply, but was pleased by the immediate positive results. Although she was a little concerned about her hair being oily the next day when she got up, she was very happy when she re-applied the product after work and got back her shiny look.

By Day 3, she saw an improvement in the amount of oil in her hair when waking up. She was impressed by how the results held up over the course of the day. On the fourth day of her effort, unfortunately, she woke up late and could not shower.

When Day 5 rolled around, she re-applied Wen by Chaz and had a great hair day once again. In fact, McClure said that it was the first day that she had felt totally confident about her hair that entire week. By Day 6, she was settling into a routine with the product and she realized that she gets best results with the product when using it in the morning. That evening she went out with friends who all complimented her on her hair, so she was thrilled about the results.

On Day 7, she noted that she was really happy with the new look that Wen by Chaz had given her hair. McClure says that she plans on using the product whenever she wants to give her hair some extra shine.

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Doe Deere and Breaking Fashion Rules

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If you want to be able to wear a cherub print skirt with a fuzzy rainbow sweater, Doe Deere thinks that you should do so. This is the attitude that the fashion blogger has given off since she was first visible on the fashion scene. This is one of the many ways that she has been able to make a name for herself and has been able to make others feel great about the fashion choices that they are making and the ones they are not making as a result of traditional rules that they think they should follow.

Doe Deere is not only the creator of Lime Crime and the makeup that is made to suit individuals, but she is also a fashion blogger. This means that she knows a thing or two about what she is doing in the fashion world and which rules are the best ones to break. She has a few favorites and has worked to make these rules nearly nonexistent in her daily life. This has proven to not only allow her to feel better about her choices, but to also make her name stand out in a world of boring fashion names.

Dressing for your age is a rule that many people do and don’t even think about. Just because you are 43, Doe Deere thinks that you shouldn’t be barred from wearing tutus and sweatshirts. Whether you are under a decade or several decades old, you should be able to dress the way you want. Don’t let these “rules” that were intended to be a guideline for dressing stop you. Doe Deere is not afraid to dress in a way that doesn’t suit her age and she proves to be one of the most influential fashion inspirations in the fashion blogging scene.

As one of the most controversial and bold figures on the fashion scene, Deere has truly been working for her image. She has been able to provide people with the confidence that they need just by breaking the rules of fashion herself. She does not adhere to any guidelines and wants other people to know that they don’t have to either. Whether you want to wear something outrageous, out of season or out of your age range, she knows that you can choose whatever you want. The rules that are set by Deere are that you should wear whatever you want in whatever way that you want to, no matter your age.

It doesn’t matter where you are going or what you are doing, you should wear what you want. Some previous fashion tips have included things like what to wear for each occasion. Doe Deere wants you to know that you don’t have to dress in a specific way for the occasion that you are going to. You should dress in what you feel like and you should dress to show off the parts of your personality that make you someone who is unique and not a part of the crowd.