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Mike Baur’s Serendipitous Career Turn: From Banking to Startups

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After two decades in the Swiss banking industry, Mike Baur, along with partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, founded Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. It has since grown to become the number one early stage, privately financed, independent ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Mr. Baur is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Swiss Startup Factory and is in charge of fundraising and financing rounds.


Mr. Baur, who is originally from Fribourg, Switzerland, started as a commercial apprentice at UBS, one of Switzerland’s biggest banks, at the age of 16. This was fairly common during that time, and apprentices were expected to rise along the ranks and enjoy a prosperous lifetime career in banking. And for many years, Mr. Baur followed this trajectory, spending many years in both UBS and Clariden Lieu. At the height of his banking career, Mr. Baur was giving investment advice to some of the wealthiest clients in the world, and was also on the board of one of Switzerland’s largest private banks. Along the way he earned an Executive MBA from the University of Berne, and an MBA from the University of Rochester as well.


However, when the financial crisis hit in 2008, the banking industry was especially hard hit. Mike Baur took this all in stride. At the age of 39, he made an amazing career shift, deciding to work with startups. Mr. Baur admits that at first it was difficult to give up the large steady income he had been used to for years, but Swiss Startup Factory has done nothing but thrive, even from the beginning.


In early 2016 Swiss Startup Factory entered into a partnership with CTI Invest, and Mr. Baur was named deputy managing director of CTI. At around the same time, Mr. Baur spearheaded Swiss Startup Factory’s partnership with Fintech Fusion, as well as its accelerator program with the Goldback Group.


Mr. Baur has served as one of the judges at the START Summiteer at Switzerland’s University of St Gallen, a pitching competition for startups there. He has also been a speaker on the Investor Panel at the WorldWebForum Next Generation. Late last year, Mr. Baur’s career path was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Entrepreneurship is one of Mike Baur’s passions and he spends a lot time with young Swiss entrepreneurs, investing in them as well as serving a their mentor.


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Mike Baur Expands Swiss Start-Up Factory in 2016

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Mike Baur is a founding partner of the Swiss Start-up Factory AG. The company, launched in 2014, is a Zurich based accelerator company. They look for thriving entrepreneurs, who need opportunities to network in Switzerland and worldwide, and to plan the next steps for their companies. Swiss Start-up Factory runs a three-month accelerator program where they provide coaching, mentoring, various services office space, as well as a network to access.


Mike Baur has used his 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry to raise funds and get financing for the rounds at the Swiss Start-up Factory. His goal with the company is to take startups and help them expand and grow into global companies.

Mike is from Fribourg in Switzerland, where he maintains strong connections with the community. As a teenager, he was always fascinated by the Banking and Finance industries. He worked for over 20 years in Swiss Private Banking. He started as an apprentice at UBS and worked his way up. He served on the executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank.


During 2014, he started the Swiss Start-up Factory with two partners, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The company is the number one independently and privately financed ICT Accelerator company in Switzerland. Baur led the company through its accelerator program with the Goldbach Group. He also guided them through their partnership with Fintech Fusion in February, 2016. The companies are building a bridge between the French and German parts of Zurich. The two companies complement each other well in their goals and overall set up. They will collaborate on the selection process for new start-ups, cooperation with universities, mentoring programs, and other events. They will transcend the language barriers for a good cause.


Although, Mike spends a lot of his time working to help young companies get a jump on their goals and generate revenues, he also invests a lot of time with Swiss youth entrepreneurship and supports young entrepreneurs both financially and as a mentor. He wants to pass along his experience and expertise to the next generation of thinkers and innovative entrepreneurs.




Impressive Contribution And Achievement Mike Baur Has Make In Supporting Startups

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The Swiss Startup Factory, a company launched in 2014 by Mike Baur, has been offering support to young entrepreneurs to help them make the right decisions and understand their market better. Mike Baur started this initiative in a bid to help upcoming entrepreneurs appreciate the dynamics that control the market and how this information can be applied to drive success.


The Swiss Startup Factory runs a three months incubation program that has attracted entrants from various industries and those who succeed for the mentorship program are also offered financial support to launch their plans. After the three months, they also make follow-ups for another five months to monitor the progress of the business.


Market research and information dissemination

One of the things every investor needs to understand is market research techniques and their application to enhancing business operations. This is one of the services the Swiss Startup Factory is offering to allow investors to make informed decisions.


The research team reviews the ideas presented by the candidates then embarks on a market research spree meant to reveal the dynamics that control the industry and how each may be applied to make their businesses a success. They also review possible draw-backs that may bring about losses and failure in the business and offer advice to their entrepreneurs about the strategies they can apply to walk through challenges.



Before the candidates are released to the market to fully implement their ideas, they are first taken through a series of lessons that are meant to impart useful knowledge that should help them gain understanding of the sector they are about to venture into. The program allows them to understand the dynamics surrounding the industry and imparts decision making skills that are useful in every day management of a business.


Access to internal and external financing

The Swiss Startup Factory also ensures the candidates are issued with financial support after the three months incubation period. The company has created networks with leading financial institutions and established entrepreneurs, who come up with policies and strategies that make it possible to implement the idea.


Mike Baur, Founder, The Swiss Startup Factory

At the tender age of 39, Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory after he ended his journey as a banking expert. He brought into the Swiss Startup Factory experience spanning more than 15 years and skills acquired from the University of Rochester, where he acquired his MBA, as well as the University of Bern, from where he earned an Executive MBA.




Talk Fusion’s “Video Chat” launches new upgrades for its Award Winning App

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Talk Fusion in a recent development announced its latest upgrade to its award winning app “Video Chat”. The addition of the new features will add to the app’s already existing capacity to streamline users’ communication and help develop businesses to new horizons.

The new additions to the app include enhancements to group chats, simplified access to contacts where users can text, talk and track the developments of their team members instantly. These new features to the app promise to be a hit in the coming days and help generate more popularity to the app in the coming days.

Talk Fusion has been the recipient of two major awards for its app Video Chat. The app won the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year and the Number 1 Communication App in the global market. Video Chat is known for its user-friendly interface and easy functionality and compatibility to all kinds of platforms. Unlike other video sharing platforms in the market, the Video Chat app is a free app that can be downloaded to your mobile and can be shared on multiple devices plus no account registration or sign up is required for one to use the app. The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina says that the Video Chat app is in a league of its own allowing users to have a one on one interaction with anyone from any device. He added that the latest version of the app will help increase productivity for businesses and allow team members to constantly stay in touch with each other. The app is available for download on the Google Appstore and iTunes.

Established in the year 2007, Talk Fusion has positioned itself as a leader in providing video marketing solutions to businesses around the world. It is dedicated to helping businesses by offering dynamic solutions and making marketing a more effective tool to make it more engaging. The company has a wide array of innovative products on offer which is marketed by independent associates in more than 140 countries. A 30-day free trial is offered to users who wish to avail their services which are provided at the company’s website

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Follow Martin Lustgarten to the Money

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There is great opportunity in the economy right now for those who can afford to invest. Stability is on the rise after the end of the Great Recession that plagued the world for many years. This enables many people to think about retiring again. It used to be a far off dream because economic outlook around the world was poor. It is safe to dream again. People who invest their hard-earned money in the right stocks will be building up a pile of money that they can use to live prosperously after they stop working and decide to take things easily. Martin Lustgarten is the man you need on your team if you are new to the world of investing. He can feel the pulse of the markets and he has used his expertise to make fortunes for many ordinary people.

Martin Lustgarten is looked up to by many of his fellow investment advisers. This is because Martin is a quick-witted investor who can spot trends coming from a mile away. Martin’s formula is simple to understand. When he expects a given stock to rise he gets in early and wins big. When he expects a stock he is holding onto to fall he gets out early. There is risk in any investment but Martin knows how to pick the winners. He diversifies his risk by putting money in international markets and wins out overall. Martin has been making money for himself and others this way for decades. That is why some other investors try to spy on him to see what he is doing. They know that by following Martin’s lead they are likely to earn more money.

Martin is a citizen of two countries: Austria and Venezuela. He has made use of this bonus for many years. With his expert knowledge of South America and the European Union he can see patterns in the global market that other people cannot. A New York City investor only knows the walls of his cubicle. Martin is out in the world gathering information first hand and he has been doing so for years. That is the best way to predict the trends.

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The Marie Claire Fabletics Interview

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Marie Claire is the magazine that females check out when they want to know about the latest in fashion trends. An interview on the Marie Claire website with Kate Hudson reveals that the Fabletics brand of stylish gear wear can be a lot of fun. It is something that Kate Hudson is thrilled to present to the public, and her dedication is shown through her constant presence on the website.
There are people like Kate Hudson that could have easily chosen a brand to sell in department stores. She could have invented the Kate Hudson brand and used her celebrity to promote her clothing like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. Instead, Kate decided to think outside of the box. She wanted a brand that would have a legacy that didn’t depend on her name alone. She is one of the co-founders, but she was firm about making sure that she was selling more than just her name. Hudson wanted to produce and sell quality, and that is what she has mastered.

The Marie Claire interview presents Kate in a laidback sort of style that is representative of The Krazy Coupon Lady’s experience with their athletic clothing. The yoga pants, leggings and swimsuits are garments that are comfortable. When it comes to the active wear there are a lot of people that can use these clothes for working out, but they can also use the clothes for dining out or hanging out. That is what makes the brand popular. It is sporty, but it is not limited to gym clothing. That may be the niche that pushes this type of clothing brand out further to many different people.

There are people that may be considering a workout for the first time. They may want to try on clothes for working out, and this is why Kate is opening more stores. The stores owned by the brand have managed to stand out because Hudson has done a lot to promote the brand. She has starred in the commercials.

She has been interviewed by countless magazines, and the Fabletics clothes will be the first topic of conversation that she engages in. She put her movie career on ice for a moment. She tweeted on her Twitter handle that she wanted to spend all of her time building up a brand that would show how much she was committed to making this brand a top competitor. There are a ton of copycat sites that are trying to compete with Fabletics, but Hudson is putting everything on lock. She is showing just how much she would like to be considered as a business women in the clothing industry. The United Kingdom already recognized Hudson with an award for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015, and she is just getting started.

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Why Invest with the Help of Experts from Madison Street Capital

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Madison Street Capital is a banking and investment firm that was founded back in 2007. It has continued to grow as a main source of reliable information and help for business owners and individuals who need assistance with their investments. Investing can be difficult to accomplish when you are new to the idea and may not necessarily know the ins and outs of making wise decisions. If you are struggling with your company’s investments, it is time for you to think about choosing Madison Street Capital to get the work done for you.

Madison Street Capital has offices based internationally in North America, Africa and even Asia. This makes it easy for companies to make use of this business even if they are not necessarily based in America. The Madison Street Capital has helped thousands of business owners when it concerns their hard-earned money and investment decisions. Whether you are looking to invest into the stock market or are wondering about the different funds and bonds out there, the professionals at Madison Street Capital are there to help in any way that they possibly can.

One of the key features that sets Madison Street Capital apart from so many other companies is the fact that they have been working in the investment industry for almost a decade now. They have also worked with thousands of business owners and individuals to create great investment choices that have truly made a difference in so many people’s lives. Having that type of help when trying to decide on investments is what keeps so many companies alive. You simply cannot thrive as a company owner when you are making bad investments that go nowhere when it concerns your financial gain.

Now that you know how important it is to make great investments, it might be a good time for you to contact Madison Street Capital to see if they can help you. With internationally-based offices, it is easy to find a professional from the company who is willing to help you out. The prices and fees associated with hiring Madison Street Capital are well worth what you get from working with the experts. It is all about contacting the company and beginning to work with them on an individual level so that they can provide the help and caring compassion that you need to be a success in your business or simply your financial life.


Citadel Dots Their I’s and Crosses Their T’s

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Ken Griffin mounts the ladder of success shortly after graduating from Harvard University in the late 1980’s. He grabbed his diploma from Harvard, his love for the investment world, and his magic wand soaked in business ingenuity and escalated to the top rung of the success ladder.

While in Harvard, Ken Griffin’s time was spent studying and trading. After graduation, he moved ahead quickly with the start of Citadel in 1990. Citadel is a global investment business. As one of the world’s largest and highly successful hedge fund companies, he has, through outstanding management survived all the market crisis in the past 15 years.

Protecting the intellectual properties of Citadel, it takes five badge swipes to arrive at the investment desks when you work at Citadel. Enter the Citadel offices with one ID swipe from the garage into the building. One swipe to pass security of the building, one swipe for the elevator, one swipe to enter the offices. The final swipe welcomes you into the trading area where the computers and investment strategy area reside.

The year 2008 was a dark moment for Citadel during the financial crisis. During that period, they lost over half their volume and it was very rocky at this company, but Griffen said they pulled through this grave event due to the fantastic quality of staff of Citadel.

Looking toward the future and the direction they needed to plan, they of their research zeroed in on Transparent Liquid Assets and this is where the future would be. They moved the entire business toward the trading of equities and fixed income and government securities, foreign exchange, oil, natural gas, very liquid assets in their business. They believe in the old military adage KISS, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. It may seem simple to others, but it is what Citadel embraces and where they will be taking Citadel in the future. Keeping their core team close and keeping things simple, they were able to focus on their strategy, get back on their feet and prosper.

With Griffin at the helm and a successful core staff, Citadel will be celebrating their 25 year anniversary in business. The key to their success is the incredible emphasis put on hiring the very brightest and best. The culture at Citadel is exemplary. The believe in their staff and displaying confidence and fairness, they prosper by adhering to the rules both domestically and abroad; dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s. Citadel maintains their culture through good management, follow-through, and professionalism.

Griffin is extremely active in educational causes. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. Donating $250M through personal contributions and through Citadel Foundation improving and enriching the lives of others. He also very generously contributes to the University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and the Art Institute. His generosity and wish for the well-being of everyone is an outstanding quality that is very noticeable upon meeting him.