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Nationwide Title Clearing Launches Assignment Verification Express

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The nation’s leading post-closing services provider for top financial institutions, servicers and investors, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), Inc., has announced the official launching of the shortened version of their popular AVR- Assignment Verification Report, AVX- Assignment Verification Express. The new streamlined report does not involve the keyed report, but has everything an AVR has, and does not compromise the quality of the research that customers are accustomed to receiving from the company. The CEO of NTC, John Hillman said that since not all clients need the complete Assignment Verification Report, AVX seeks to provide innovative products and services that their clients and partners require. John looked forward to delivering excellent solutions that meet the needs of their customers through AVX.


AXR involves a rigorous process of researching actual current land records where the results are bundled up into an image package that contains the subject mortgage and all required recorded documents of the target mortgage. This image package can be used to provide relevant supporting documentation in best signing processes and in facilitating the improvement of collateral files by retrieving recorded documents whose omission can cause many downstream issues during the period of a loan. The new report will be used in the delivery of the Assignment and Release services that their customers rely on. NTC will validate the assignment chain and lender of the results shown on the most recent assignment in the AVX to facilitate correct preparation and execution of the data being prepared to be recorded.


AVX includes a copy of the mortgage or deed of trust, lost assignment affidavits that are indexed and easily accessed against the target mortgage. It also contains an assignment on the record for the mortgage, and corrective assignments recorded in the mortgage chain. AVX also contains pertinent documents in case of released properties and any recorded rescission that apply to any assignment. NTC ensures that their clients transfer loans smoothly by helping in reviewing, double-checking and remediating every detail of the collateral. Recently, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary of innovative service to the mortgage sector. Over the years, NTC has received different awards because of their outstanding performance. This information was originally reported on Business Wire as provided in the following link


About NTC

NTC was founded in 1991 in California. In 2002, it relocated to Palm Harbor. The company strives to deliver the highest level of accuracy in research and document-processing services that intend to protect homeowners, aid in processing of securing mortgages and preserve land records in the country. The company has an elaborate plan of giving back to the community. NTC seeks to expand their operations across the Tampa Bay region.



Real Estate Business

The NYC Real Estate Was “Remarkable” In 2015, According To Brokers & Analysts at Expo

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According to Real Deal, land specialists and investigators talked about an “exceptional” 2015 for the New York City market at a NYC Real Estate Expo board, and conjectured on whether powerful conditions would proceed in 2016 and what elements may throw them off base. The region development of land in New York has grown over years having the speediest improvement in seven years. Currently, one in five homes accessible in Brooklyn and Manhattan can be called luxury, in light of their high asking expenses that stood out from arrangements midpoints in the earlier year. New York continues being a charming business segment for both neighborhood individuals and internationals, and these two territories are dependent upon to continue seeing advancement in near future.

Medium rent costs in Manhattan went to a record-breaking value which is generally dictated by a 10.7 percent move in rent costs for units of one-room from the previous year. Brooklyn saw a steadier climb in middle renting prices. Renting in Manhattan is more costly than it has ever been a truth that weighs enthusiastically on the city’s whole deal lodging sensibility. The NYC real estate cycle has formally developed to the point where all the low-hanging natural items are gone, and money related pros need to work twice to remain valuable. That starts from the way New York has a lot of marvelous credits to theorists around the globe. From an outside capital perspective, it is the brand and not only the spot.

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