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Doug Levitts incredible 120,000 mile journey around the world

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Doug Levitt is a popular writer and editor that traveled 70,000 miles in seven years and documented his observations along the way in his novel, “The Greyhound Diaries.” His diary has all kinds of songs, images and articles of text about what he saw. He travels around the world on Greyhound buses.


The traveling has really opened his eyes to the different living conditions in each neighborhood. Levitt has learned a lot about poverty in different areas of the globe. In 2004 he started his journey. Levitt was well aware for the statistics on poverty around the globe. He saw that it was becoming somewhat of a crisis and was asking himself about what can be done to help better the nation. At first he was only planning on the trip lasting six weeks.


As the trip painted a better picture of what America’s history looked like he decided to continue on the trip riding Greyhound buses. When he first started traveling there were around 49 million humans living in poverty which is like taking the five biggest states from the United States and putting them together. Nearly one out of every fifteenth person in the world is either living in poverty right now or has at one point in their life.


The point of his trip was to help those living comfortable lives better understand the bridge between the lower and middle class. The diversity of the greyhound bus system and their determination was what gave Levitt the motivation to keep moving along his journey.


The similarity between all passengers was that they most likely couldn’t afford to drive or fly. That helped bring the group together as one. Then the classes begin to disappear as everyone is treated fairly. All people have stories of their experiences.


Doug Levitt is a singer and writer most famous for his traveling 120,000 miles on Greyhound bus over eleven years and documenting his findings. He shared his findings at numerous hospitals and health centers. Levitt’s journey has been features on numerous television shows such as MSNBC, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.


Pushing Boundaries through Aesthetic Beauty

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Art collecting is a talent among talents. It takes a very observant man to appreciate aesthetic beauty and its true value. Not all we see and view in art is accomplished by those great masters. One man has set the bar for seeking out these great works and has determined their value over the course of his life, that man is Adam Sender. Sender is a world famous art collector and has an eye for contemporary pieces. His collection includes art masters such as Keith Haring, Martin Kippenberger and Dan Flavin.

Sender has been collecting these great works since the early 90s. In an interview in Miami, FL Sender addressed how in the 90s great works of art were more affordable. He commented that some pieces in his own collection would not be affordable now.

What makes an art collector like Sender great? It is not that they simply collect art. It is how they collect it and how they determine quality in their purchases. Collectors choose their favorite artists, styles, and mediums but they also view art on a whole new scale from the average consumer. These great collectors study what they acquire and determine its value. Their opinions dominate what will become popular among other art collectors. Their influence matters to others who are determining what pieces they want to purchase.

Daring collectors push the boundaries and seek art that they truly like. Collectors must stay true to their art tastes; this is what causes their collections and later their opinions to stand out from the crowd. Great art collectors don’t let society or peer pressure determine how the unique, the bold or the strange will make their way into their collections. This is what draws crowds to these collectors and this is how these collectors become well known in the art world. So whether you are an artist who creates great works or if you are an art collector, remember to push boundaries and stay true to what appeals to you aesthetically.