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Securus Technologies Or Global Tel Link? We Shall Find Out Soon

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Securus Technology is a high end technological company that provides services to inmates and the justice department. Under the leadership of Richard Smith, the company has achieved so much by providing the latest technology solutions to its clients. The company is confident in their operations and believes that they have to spend money in order to create efficiency and impact their clients.


Recently, Securus Technology posed a challenge to Global Tel Link (GTL), their rival company for so many years. Both companies are dedicated to providing excellent and technology solutions to their clients. However, for so many years, the two companies have been having serious competition. Mr Smith, challenged the company to a bake off so that they can prove to their clients who has the best services, technologies and customer service.


Mr Smith admits that the company has spent more than $700 million dollars in investments in order to improve their operations. He is strongly confident that GTL has not spend so much on improving their services. He claims that GTL is still doing the traditional ways of operations that Securus used in the past. Which is to show that they are several steps ahead of them.


One of the areas that GTL is lagging behind is on customer service. Mr Smith reveals the reviews that employees who used to work for GTL admitted. They agreed that the customer service at GTL was not up to standard and that Securus paid more attention to their customers and clients as well. Secondly, Securus has so much in their services as they use their own well-trained professionals as opposed to outsourcing contractors who may not share the company’s mission and goals. From the points that Mr Smith gives in his statement, it is evident that Securus is highly focused on client satisfaction.


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An Important Service Offered to Louisiana Inmates During a Crisis

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Louisiana has been hit with massive flooding lately and many people have lost their lives. The death toll is only rising as the floods are not receding. Many other people have lost everything they own and are having to relocate to other areas. Their lives are being uprooted during this devastating time, so maintaining communication between them and their loved ones is crucial. Securus Technologies is offering ways that inmates in Louisiana can communicate with the family members free of charge during this crisis. With this in effect, family members and friends can report in to their loved one who is incarcerated and share with them that they are indeed safe and where they will be staying during this time. Keeping these lines of communication are very important as it relieves stress and anxiety of the inmate and it maintains the family unit in the process.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides communication services for inmates in correctional facilities across the United States in 45 states along with the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. This service allows inmates and loved ones to speak to one another on a regular basis and offers ways the inmates can communicate with the correctional officers and law enforcement personnel also. Please click here to learn more about the communication lines and ways that Securus is helping facilities.


It is very important for inmates to be able to communicate with the friends and family during times of need and the floods in Louisiana that are occurring now make it even more important for inmates in Louisiana. Having this communication can help resolve fears and anxiety they may have about their loved ones who live in areas of flooding. With Securus offering these services free of charge it shows that not only is this a company that wants to provide a service for inmates but it also is a company that cares about the people it is providing the service to.


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ConnectUs Digitalizes Applications

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Filling out long application forms is not easy. When converting applications into the digital script, mistakes are bound to happen. To avoid this situation, Securus Technologies has come up with the solution that saves real time and money with the help of ConnectUs. Securus is a criminal and civil justice technology provider that has come up with an efficient way of creating Inmate Forms and grievance applications digitized.


How does it work?

The technology makes customization of forms easy and accessible at request. If you want to make changes in a form, it will take only a couple of minutes before making them available to inmates. ConnectUs is the platform used by Securus that provides a range of applications for inmates. The entire system and its content that prisoners can access are monitored and controlled by the correctional facilities.


Advantages of ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievances

The new technology has paved the way for many additional services that include better communication with the use of digital inmate bulletin board. It also shows time and day that an application or a grievance was made. It gives the inmates the ability to view as well as monitor the status of their forms and complaints. The interfacing language can also be chosen to your preference. Thus, the application is user-friendly.


The use of ConnectUs will not only save paperwork but will also go a long way in saving time for the correction staff, who will now have more time at hand to focus on security and safety. The Inmate forms and grievance application is said to process about 13.8 forms for an individual inmate in a month. According to the marketing and strategy vice president, Russell Roberts, Securus Technologies aims to modernize by offering its customers with such upgraded and efficient technology. Visit Vimeo for more information on Securus Technologies.