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Nationwide Title Clearing Launches Assignment Verification Express

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The nation’s leading post-closing services provider for top financial institutions, servicers and investors, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), Inc., has announced the official launching of the shortened version of their popular AVR- Assignment Verification Report, AVX- Assignment Verification Express. The new streamlined report does not involve the keyed report, but has everything an AVR has, and does not compromise the quality of the research that customers are accustomed to receiving from the company. The CEO of NTC, John Hillman said that since not all clients need the complete Assignment Verification Report, AVX seeks to provide innovative products and services that their clients and partners require. John looked forward to delivering excellent solutions that meet the needs of their customers through AVX.


AXR involves a rigorous process of researching actual current land records where the results are bundled up into an image package that contains the subject mortgage and all required recorded documents of the target mortgage. This image package can be used to provide relevant supporting documentation in best signing processes and in facilitating the improvement of collateral files by retrieving recorded documents whose omission can cause many downstream issues during the period of a loan. The new report will be used in the delivery of the Assignment and Release services that their customers rely on. NTC will validate the assignment chain and lender of the results shown on the most recent assignment in the AVX to facilitate correct preparation and execution of the data being prepared to be recorded.


AVX includes a copy of the mortgage or deed of trust, lost assignment affidavits that are indexed and easily accessed against the target mortgage. It also contains an assignment on the record for the mortgage, and corrective assignments recorded in the mortgage chain. AVX also contains pertinent documents in case of released properties and any recorded rescission that apply to any assignment. NTC ensures that their clients transfer loans smoothly by helping in reviewing, double-checking and remediating every detail of the collateral. Recently, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary of innovative service to the mortgage sector. Over the years, NTC has received different awards because of their outstanding performance. This information was originally reported on Business Wire as provided in the following link


About NTC

NTC was founded in 1991 in California. In 2002, it relocated to Palm Harbor. The company strives to deliver the highest level of accuracy in research and document-processing services that intend to protect homeowners, aid in processing of securing mortgages and preserve land records in the country. The company has an elaborate plan of giving back to the community. NTC seeks to expand their operations across the Tampa Bay region.



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WEN By Chaz: The Thoughtful No Lather Shampoo Alternative

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Beauty products and their routines change from decade to decade, but for some strange reason, shampoos and conditioners stubbornly never seemed to evolve until WEN came along.

West coast stylist Chaz Dean knows plenty about hair, its structure and how it responds to products. That’s why he carefully developed his world-famous WEN By Chaz no lather shampoo system. It’s modern hair cleansing and conditioning through the expert blend of herbal and plant based extracts.

WEN says you don’t need a lather for washing hair, because the sudsy action is formed through harsh chemicals and detergents. These nasty additives appear in most hair care products available in stores, and they gradually weaken the hair, causing potential damage and robbing tresses of their natural oils.

WEN By Chaz is thoughtful hair care that improves the condition of any mane and any hair type on the planet. Pin straight, curly, wavy, thick, fine, frizzy, heavily bleached, WEN can treat and heal, strengthen and shine all hair.

Massaging WEN’s unique cleansing conditioner into the scalp and hair is a rich experience. The formula feels great and bathes the hair in natural goodness, like Bamboo Water Complex, Tea Tree Oil, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Pomegranate Extracts. Hair becomes nourished, stronger, fuller, glossier and softer and all without a lather.

Chaz Dean even offers a Fragrance-Free Riced Based Cleansing Conditioner full of four-tea, amino and bamboo water complexes. Chaz Dean understands that some people prefer non-artificial fragrances, and that’s why he developed another choice in his amazing cleansing conditioner line-up.

Modern hair care doesn’t require lather for thorough washing anymore. Those days are gone. Women really care about the products they are applying to their hair and faces. WEN By Chaz has leveled the playing field with healthy formulas based on nature’s goodness.

Feel the WEN difference.

Antibody Research

Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics leads industry in monoclonal antibody research

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After a decade-plus career as a corporate medical researcher, Dr. Clay Siegall decided he could most profit humanity by striking out on his own. In 1998, the accomplished medical innovator founded Seattle Genetics, a firm dedicated to the study and development of antibody drug conjugate applications. In 2001, Dr. Siegall oversaw one of the largest IPO’s in the microbiology sector. Generating $1.2 billion, Seattle Genetics found itself awash in capital and able to pursue its many lines of research with an intensity and fervor which has not been previously achievable. In 2011, Seattle Genetics’ first drug was approved by the FDA. Adcetris is an antibody drug conjugate approved for treatment of refractory classic Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It has already fundamentally transformed the way that disease is treated, and the 12 new antibody drug conjugates in the company’s development pipeline promise to revolutionize the treatment of other forms of cancer on short order.

Of mice to men

Seattle Genetics has devised ingenious methods of repurposing nature’s machinery to fight disease. One of its patented processes is the generation of tumor-specific monoclonal antibodies. First, a certain type of tumor is grafted into the body of a mouse. The mouse’s body then initiates an immune response to attempt to fight the foreign body. In doing this, it creates antibodies which are designed to chemically bind to the tumor cells so that they can destroy them. Unfortunately, with most cancers, the body’s natural means of killing malignant cells is insufficient. But it still creates the molecular template for finding and attaching antibodies to the tumor cells.

Once the antibodies are isolated, researchers create every molecule that is close enough to the antibody to still attach to the tumor. In some cases, this can yield thousands of molecules. These synthetic antibodies are then tested on humans, to see which ones cause the least side effects and are best at attaching to the tumor. When the most suitable molecules have been selected, the researchers then design a cytotoxin that can be chemically bound or conjugated to the antibody. Now, when the antibody encounters the tumor cell, instead of the body’s ineffective anti-tumor payload, the antibody now contains a payload of a highly lethal cytotoxin, which it delivers into the tumor cell upon contact



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ClassDojo Advances Learning Methods By Creating A Friendly Classroom Environment

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The classroom is one of the places that are thought to be boring especially among young students. This should not be the case while learning and students should find it interesting to acquire knowledge. Lack of features that add fun to the classroom is one of the reasons the learning experience is viewed as being dull and discomforting. Most schools have been setting budgets aside to purchase digital curricula but this has not proved a better idea than creating a community where students can connect with teachers and parents in real-time.


ClassDojo, an American tech company came to the scene in 2010 with a solution that brought the ClassDojo application, which allows students, teachers and parents to connect in one community. Through the community, teachers can share videos of students and the activities they are taking part in at the school. They can also send photos and text messages to parents detailing the progress of students. In return, parents are able to reply in real-time and it is easy to discuss the way the students have been doing. In case of problems parents are allowed to take part in the process that leads to the development of a solution for all sides.  Check for more articles about the app.


Creating a community that brings parents, teachers and students together is an idea that has enhanced the learning experience. The classroom environment is now made better by getting tools and resources that are in line with the needs of students. One good part about using ClassDojo is that the application is not monetized, so all the features at the moment are freely accessible. The founders of the app also added that they will not bar access to any features in the current configuration but will introduce new features for monetization.


About ClassDojo

Enhancing learning and building a virtual community where students are allowed to interact with their parents is one of the most important ideas to pursue. ClassDojo is working on offering a platform where students can share with parents directly to enjoy awesome conversations. This is an application that allows students to voice their concerns and to explain their feelings towards different things.


With the application, according to,  teachers can send messages in the format of photos and videos to show parents the progress students have made. It makes it easy to solve problems since parents are involve in managing the learning process that affects their children’s learning and future endeavors.



Investment Firm

Why Highland Capital Management’s Affiliate Small Cap Equity is the Company to Watch in 2017

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Highland Small Cap Equity has recently attracted adequate attention based on its favorable investment returns. As an affiliate of Highland Capital Management, the company’s energy stocks have remarkably helped Small Cap Equity to record triple returns. Widely considered as a “tremendous rebound” in 2017, the company has exceeded expectations courtesy of Michael Gregory, Highland Alternative Investors’ chief investment officer. As co-founder of Highland Capital Management and Small Cap Equity, he has successfully steered the $1.4 billion investment into an unprecedented success.


According to Gregory, 2016 was an excellent financial year based on profitable investments in pipeline partnerships with various high net worth individuals. Based on verified statistics, the affiliate recorded a 31.6% profit increase compared to 12% returns recorded in the previous year. More importantly, cash flow provided by partners on volume rather than on crude prices instigated a rapid stimulus for company growth. With the aid of Dondero, the duo reaped immense profits from lucrative oil partners with an eye for success. Despite posting incredible results, Gregory reiterated on the need to trim expenses in an attempt to promote sustainability.


Sources of Revenue


Small Equity Cap Fund mainly focuses on five essential sources of income: Health Care, Financials, Consumer, Real Estate and Energy MLP. Under the health care department, Gregory highlighted the adverse effects of opioid addiction in the U.S, and how insurance companies had altered the approval process for obtaining less-addictive pain killers. Since a high population of citizens consumed painkillers, the company deemed it necessary to address the situation and offer sustainable solutions to patients in need.


When focusing on real estate, Gregory hailed the company’s commitment to focusing on multifamily property investment trusts. Through the concept, the company not only aims at moderating high rents but also intends to make property acquisition much more affordable.


On the other hand, the energy sector proved to be an essential revenue stream based on impressive figures generated by two dominant oil pipeline distributors: Tesoro Logistics LP and Western Gas Equity Partners LP which yielded a 6.36% and 4.08% increase respectively. Based on such statistics, Gregory emphasized on the need to diversify markets to raise more profits.



Stephen Rotella Is Changing the Face of Institutional Investment with Turnkey Platforms

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Stephen Rotella is the CEO of Stonecastle Cash Management. Stonecastle is a top rated insured deposit solutions provider to institutions and financial intermediaries such as brokerages, local governments, clearing firms and wealth managers. It achieves this through leveraging community banks and innovative, and scalable technology platforms.


Stephen Rotella is an experienced investment banker with over 30 years leading the world’s largest brokerage firms. He is adept at retail banking, wealth management and handling extensive financial management projects. He has previously held executive positions with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, Chase Home Finance, and JP Morgan Chase.


Stonecastle’s superior data research and analysis platforms offer solid deposit capacity through extensive bank networks and efficient program management strategies. Over 700 financial intermediaries and banking institutions are interlinked through a cutting edge technology network. They grow enterprise value in the dealer-broker realm by maximizing organizational strengths and working with experienced professional partners.


Additionally, Stonecastle employs strict guidelines in considering investment partners. Vetting criteria to select partner financial intermediaries include evaluation of operational history, favorable equity to assets and loans to deposits ratios and proprietary asset quality metrics.


The government-supported FISA system, the Federally Insured Sweep Account and stable partners such as CIBC and Charleston Capital back the operational platforms. This brings their operational assets and valued expertise to institutional investors and wealth managers. Insured deposits bring a guarantee of safer money market funding, better liquidity available on demand and improved investment growth rates.


Insured sweep programs are dynamic and undergo continuous regulation because the government underwrites them through FISA covering insured deposits, share returns and settlement revenue. This guarantee reduces institutional risk ensuring protection and safety for client accounts. Under Stephen Rotella’s leadership, Stonecastle’s cash sweep system recently became the first to gain a Triple-A recognition from Kroll Bond Rating Agency, further solidifying their authority as the choice for institutional investors.


Recently, Stephen Rotella led the acquisition of Intermedium Financial by Stonecastle to expand reach and distribution options. At the heart of the transaction is Intermedium’s robust technology software platform that provides seamless turnkey investment links to financial intermediary players.



Stephens is an active philanthropist. His charitable drive to support the less privileged has secured him board seats with organizations such as Arts Fund and YouthCare.


Doug Levitts incredible 120,000 mile journey around the world

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Doug Levitt is a popular writer and editor that traveled 70,000 miles in seven years and documented his observations along the way in his novel, “The Greyhound Diaries.” His diary has all kinds of songs, images and articles of text about what he saw. He travels around the world on Greyhound buses.


The traveling has really opened his eyes to the different living conditions in each neighborhood. Levitt has learned a lot about poverty in different areas of the globe. In 2004 he started his journey. Levitt was well aware for the statistics on poverty around the globe. He saw that it was becoming somewhat of a crisis and was asking himself about what can be done to help better the nation. At first he was only planning on the trip lasting six weeks.


As the trip painted a better picture of what America’s history looked like he decided to continue on the trip riding Greyhound buses. When he first started traveling there were around 49 million humans living in poverty which is like taking the five biggest states from the United States and putting them together. Nearly one out of every fifteenth person in the world is either living in poverty right now or has at one point in their life.


The point of his trip was to help those living comfortable lives better understand the bridge between the lower and middle class. The diversity of the greyhound bus system and their determination was what gave Levitt the motivation to keep moving along his journey.


The similarity between all passengers was that they most likely couldn’t afford to drive or fly. That helped bring the group together as one. Then the classes begin to disappear as everyone is treated fairly. All people have stories of their experiences.


Doug Levitt is a singer and writer most famous for his traveling 120,000 miles on Greyhound bus over eleven years and documenting his findings. He shared his findings at numerous hospitals and health centers. Levitt’s journey has been features on numerous television shows such as MSNBC, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

Video Visitation Tech/Communication App

Securus Technologies Or Global Tel Link? We Shall Find Out Soon

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Securus Technology is a high end technological company that provides services to inmates and the justice department. Under the leadership of Richard Smith, the company has achieved so much by providing the latest technology solutions to its clients. The company is confident in their operations and believes that they have to spend money in order to create efficiency and impact their clients.


Recently, Securus Technology posed a challenge to Global Tel Link (GTL), their rival company for so many years. Both companies are dedicated to providing excellent and technology solutions to their clients. However, for so many years, the two companies have been having serious competition. Mr Smith, challenged the company to a bake off so that they can prove to their clients who has the best services, technologies and customer service.


Mr Smith admits that the company has spent more than $700 million dollars in investments in order to improve their operations. He is strongly confident that GTL has not spend so much on improving their services. He claims that GTL is still doing the traditional ways of operations that Securus used in the past. Which is to show that they are several steps ahead of them.


One of the areas that GTL is lagging behind is on customer service. Mr Smith reveals the reviews that employees who used to work for GTL admitted. They agreed that the customer service at GTL was not up to standard and that Securus paid more attention to their customers and clients as well. Secondly, Securus has so much in their services as they use their own well-trained professionals as opposed to outsourcing contractors who may not share the company’s mission and goals. From the points that Mr Smith gives in his statement, it is evident that Securus is highly focused on client satisfaction.


Conditioning Service

The Cool Breeze of Goettl Air Conditioning Service

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The comfort of knowing reliable air conditioning service is available when you live in areas of extremely warm weather. Goettl Air Conditioning services Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix, and Tucson, Arizona Areas with pleasure.


The full coverage of Goettl covers the repair, replacement, or scheduled maintenance of your air conditioning and heating units whether you are a business or private residence. The highly trained staff represent the Goettl firm with their exceptional skill, reliability, and dedication to performance and service.


The service of Goettl is not limited to service but continued reliability and maintenance scheduling to ensure performance and longevity of equipment and reliability during heavy usage. Preventative maintenance is key to proper functioning of equipment.


Installation of energy efficient equipment and ducted HVAC systems is key to the efficiency of the equipment investment. Maintaining energy efficient equipment saves money, wear and tear on the equipment and provides quality indoor air with a minimum of airborne contaminants and pollutants. Thus providing breathable indoor air where it is needed most. The duct cleaning services offered by Goettl adds another layer of removing airborne pollutants and reduction of contaminants in the surrounding air indoors. Scheduling regular maintenance not only provides cleaner breathable air but extends the life of your equipment while reducing the costs of constant replacement from lack of scheduled maintenance.


Goettl participates in various social media sites where their extensive customer base can share their experiences and energy savings contribution information. Being able to touch base with satisfied customers is key to making that decision on who to call, who is reliable, and who those satisfied customers are in an air conditioning crisis. Knowing who can handle the job and who is there to best service your needs during this time helps to make that critical decision on who to call.


Goettl has the experience and the solution to all your heating and air conditioning needs.

Professional Football

NFL Betting Is At Its Highest Point Right Now

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At this point in the NFL season, they have what they call the elite eight. It is the final eight teams. There are four in the NFC and four in the AFC. After this weekend, it will be boiled down to only four teams overall as the championship games get settled. Needless to say, it is an exciting time to be an NFL fan and an NFL bettor. There is a lot on the line and there is a lot to consider. For example, as pointed out on the wonderful sports betting website, people have to really take a close look at the Packers vs. Cowboys game, which is the last playoff game this weekend on Sunday.

When it comes to NFL odds, this is one that is really worth examining for bettors. Last weekend, we saw Aaron Rodgers torch what many consider the best defense in the NFL for four touchdowns and three-hundred yards. Dallas, of course, has the best offensive line in football and they also have the NFL’s leading rusher. It is a hot quarterback in Aaron Rodgers vs. the best NFC team. This is a hard one for many people to get their finger on when it comes to NFL odds. It is not as easy as it appears, and many people have Green Bay in the Super Bowl odds because of how hot they have been, winning seven straight.

When someone visits, they can research all of this information and make an informed and wise decision on which team they think they will win and how to place their bet. For NFL odds, a lot of weird and strange weird things can happen, and it is important to stay on top of those at all times and never be caught off guard by anything. has you covered all the way up to Super Bowl odds. Their work never stops.

That is why many consider them the go-to website for football odds. They see things that other might people might miss or overlook or take for granted. They are a tireless website that never rests or takes a day off. They cherish the fact that people come to them for NFL betting and information. They want to be the one-stop shop, and they do not want to let anyone down that is using their website. They take pride in that and it shows in the results.