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Discover How To Get Superior Medicare Advantage Plan Options

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InnovaCare Health exists as one of the leading health care providers in North America and proudly serve over 567,000 beneficiaries. They pioneer as a superior managed health care provider that offers services alongside the original Medicare plan. Customers have the option of choosing from a Part A and B coverage option that will provide them with valuable services that aren’t covered under the original Medicare plan on Crunchbase. For example, their Medicare Advantage Plan offers their customers extended dental and visual services. These services are very important when you want to get your teeth cleaned or a eye exam for contact lenses. However, there are several other routine services that are available under their Medicare Advantage Plan.

Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer is glad to welcome three new professionals to their Puerto Rico health care network. Business Wire has reported the additions in a recent article that included the names and positions of each addition. Rick Shinto says that he is proud to welcome the new addition to his team because the complex demands of the health care industry calls for leading professionals. He admits that his industry is an ever-changing environment that calls for professionals of all sectors of the profession to build a strong team.

InnovaCare believes that building a strong team will help their beneficiaries get the most qualified services to meet their needs. Penelope Kokkinides, Assistant Chief Executive Officer is a part of the growing success associated with their managed health care plan and is adamant about ensuring that the elderly and low income have access to quality services when it matters the most. The original Medicare plan does not include all services that include hospice. You should contact your provider to find out what services are available to you. However, under the InnovaCare Medicare Advantage Plan offers routine dental and visual.

Beneficiaries of InnovaCare Health are responsible for a portion of their monthly premiums and the government picks up the remaining cost. A lot of beneficiaries complain that their Part D coverage is very expensive and they can’t always afford to get their prescription medicine and have to do without. You also have to get a Part A or B plan to go along with your prescription drug coverage. You invited to visit the InnovaCare website to find out more details on their Medicare Advantage Plan and what service options work best for you or your loved ones.


Richard Blair Is An Expert At Renting Through AirBnb

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Homeowners in the United States are able to rent out their homes or part of their homes through AirBnb to travelers of the state, which provides a steady flow of cash. There are many ways to do this, and homeowners can even rent out a single room or garages for a short period of time. There are however, some tasks involved in renting this way and it is important to know them and do some research before getting committed, which is something strongly advocated by Richard Blair.

Renting out homes is a form of wealth management, whether it is done in short periods or even in parts. This is something that Richard Blair helps his clients achieve properly, a strong idea of wealth management, through his company, Wealth Solutions. He works with a variety of clients and teaches them the strategies for building some extra money safely through renting. Homeowners that have built on apartments will fare even better as they can make more money and rent them out as often as they like.

One thing homeowners need to pay attention before getting started is the risks involved in renting through AirBnb. Richard advises people on the proper insurances and such to have for this reason. In cases where a travelers causes damage to the property or even themselves, this falls under the responsibility of the homeowner under usual insurance policies. In order to have the proper protection, one must get the proper insurance to make sure things can run smoothly and cover any of the possible incidents that occur from having a guest.

Over the years, Richard Blair has gained a lot of knowledge and experience, which he now offers to others to help them find success and reduce their risks. Richard give free consults for clients, and always encourages renting out a room at least, as it is a steady cash flow that will allow many to pay off their mortgages on their home over time. Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions will continue to help people learn the in’s and out’s of renting, while continuing to grow themselves.

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Let’s Plan A Party!

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Partying is almost always fun! Party planning, not so much. It is easy to throw on your best threads and head out to a friends for a fun evening out, of even have a few drinks at the company Christmas party with your co-workers. Being invited to a party means all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself. But what about when you’re the one sending out the invites? The pressure that comes with wanting to plan the perfect party can be intense at times. From food and party favors, to cocktails and decor, the possibilities are endless but choosing the perfect items can be overwhelming.

While the task at hand can be stressful, there are a few things you can do to minimize the amount of pressure while planning your extravaganza. Staying organized and incorporating technology to assist in planning and record keeping of items purchased or needed can help make the process much smoother. Keeping an organized workspace helps improve your creativity. Keep your food choices simple to minimize prep and clean up time.

We all know how intense last minute planning can be. With that being said, always plan ahead! If you have children or pets, make arrangements well before the party date. While food and drinks are extremely important, a party just isn’t a party without entertainment. Save yourself the headache and hassle of playing the DJ and host at your own party. Instead, opt for stereo speakers and a music app like Pandora or Spotify.

With all of the ways to avoid party planning stress, there is only one way to eliminate it in its entirety. Hiring a party or event planning expert to handle your planning needs can take the stress away, giving you the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning and design firm located in New York City. Design gurus Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman work together to deliver their clients the ultimate party package. Whether you are planning a corporate office event, or a more intimate gathering for friends and family, Twenty Three Layers has you covered. With their extensive experience in design and event planning, the party planning duo delivers unmatched service to their clients, and memorable events to their guest. No matter your budget, or reason for celebrating you can rest easily knowing you have chosen the best event planners in NYC.

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Follow Martin Lustgarten to the Money

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There is great opportunity in the economy right now for those who can afford to invest. Stability is on the rise after the end of the Great Recession that plagued the world for many years. This enables many people to think about retiring again. It used to be a far off dream because economic outlook around the world was poor. It is safe to dream again. People who invest their hard-earned money in the right stocks will be building up a pile of money that they can use to live prosperously after they stop working and decide to take things easily. Martin Lustgarten is the man you need on your team if you are new to the world of investing. He can feel the pulse of the markets and he has used his expertise to make fortunes for many ordinary people.

Martin Lustgarten is looked up to by many of his fellow investment advisers. This is because Martin is a quick-witted investor who can spot trends coming from a mile away. Martin’s formula is simple to understand. When he expects a given stock to rise he gets in early and wins big. When he expects a stock he is holding onto to fall he gets out early. There is risk in any investment but Martin knows how to pick the winners. He diversifies his risk by putting money in international markets and wins out overall. Martin has been making money for himself and others this way for decades. That is why some other investors try to spy on him to see what he is doing. They know that by following Martin’s lead they are likely to earn more money.

Martin is a citizen of two countries: Austria and Venezuela. He has made use of this bonus for many years. With his expert knowledge of South America and the European Union he can see patterns in the global market that other people cannot. A New York City investor only knows the walls of his cubicle. Martin is out in the world gathering information first hand and he has been doing so for years. That is the best way to predict the trends.

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An Important Service Offered to Louisiana Inmates During a Crisis

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Louisiana has been hit with massive flooding lately and many people have lost their lives. The death toll is only rising as the floods are not receding. Many other people have lost everything they own and are having to relocate to other areas. Their lives are being uprooted during this devastating time, so maintaining communication between them and their loved ones is crucial. Securus Technologies is offering ways that inmates in Louisiana can communicate with the family members free of charge during this crisis. With this in effect, family members and friends can report in to their loved one who is incarcerated and share with them that they are indeed safe and where they will be staying during this time. Keeping these lines of communication are very important as it relieves stress and anxiety of the inmate and it maintains the family unit in the process.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides communication services for inmates in correctional facilities across the United States in 45 states along with the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. This service allows inmates and loved ones to speak to one another on a regular basis and offers ways the inmates can communicate with the correctional officers and law enforcement personnel also. Please click here to learn more about the communication lines and ways that Securus is helping facilities.


It is very important for inmates to be able to communicate with the friends and family during times of need and the floods in Louisiana that are occurring now make it even more important for inmates in Louisiana. Having this communication can help resolve fears and anxiety they may have about their loved ones who live in areas of flooding. With Securus offering these services free of charge it shows that not only is this a company that wants to provide a service for inmates but it also is a company that cares about the people it is providing the service to.


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Leading Healthcare Company InnovaCare Health

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There are a number of healthcare companies that provide assistance to those who are in need of quality care. When looking to get quality healthcare, people will need to pay for their treatments which can be quite expensive. One of the best ways to make healthcare more affordable is to take advantage of using Medicare Advantage Plans. These are health insurance plans that allow people to get health coverage from private companies with the aid of the Medicare program. As a result, individuals looking for quality healthcare will be able to get the assistance they need at a more affordable cost. The company that offers this option is InnovaCare Health which is lead by former physician and current chief executive officer Rick Shinto and also Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides.

InnovaCare Health offers individuals the opportunity to use Medicare Advantage Plans so that they can get the best healthcare available. When using Medicare Advantage Plans, you can use a number of options such as Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations and also Health Savings Account plans. Each of these plans helps individuals not only get the care that they need, but also care from physicians, hospitals and clinics of their choice. Organizations such as InnovaCare Health give individuals the flexibility they need when it comes to getting the healthcare they want from a preferred provider.

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When using Medicare Advantage Plans, individuals will get comprehensive coverage as well. The plans will allow people to get coverage for a number of things such as visits to physicianÕ’s offices, hospital stays, surgical procedures, prescription drugs and also things such as x rays and MRI’s. Since these can be quite expensive, it is important to have coverage which can make these things much more affordable. With more affordable healthcare, individuals can more easily prevent future health problems as well as overcome them when and if they come up.

Along with offering healthcare coverage through Medicare Advantage Plans, InnovaCare Health offers physician practice services according to Penelope Kokkinides. These are services that help a number of healthcare organizations manage themselves better. They also help a number of organizations provide better quality care, introduce the latest technology and also ensure that medical records are kept and processed more efficiently. They will also help organizations find ways to get more patients as well as keep them on a long term basis as well. With the combination of physician services and Medicare Advantage Plans, InnovaCare Health has established itself as one of the leading healthcare companies in North America.

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ConnectUs Digitalizes Applications

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Filling out long application forms is not easy. When converting applications into the digital script, mistakes are bound to happen. To avoid this situation, Securus Technologies has come up with the solution that saves real time and money with the help of ConnectUs. Securus is a criminal and civil justice technology provider that has come up with an efficient way of creating Inmate Forms and grievance applications digitized.


How does it work?

The technology makes customization of forms easy and accessible at request. If you want to make changes in a form, it will take only a couple of minutes before making them available to inmates. ConnectUs is the platform used by Securus that provides a range of applications for inmates. The entire system and its content that prisoners can access are monitored and controlled by the correctional facilities.


Advantages of ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievances

The new technology has paved the way for many additional services that include better communication with the use of digital inmate bulletin board. It also shows time and day that an application or a grievance was made. It gives the inmates the ability to view as well as monitor the status of their forms and complaints. The interfacing language can also be chosen to your preference. Thus, the application is user-friendly.


The use of ConnectUs will not only save paperwork but will also go a long way in saving time for the correction staff, who will now have more time at hand to focus on security and safety. The Inmate forms and grievance application is said to process about 13.8 forms for an individual inmate in a month. According to the marketing and strategy vice president, Russell Roberts, Securus Technologies aims to modernize by offering its customers with such upgraded and efficient technology. Visit Vimeo for more information on Securus Technologies.


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Doe Deere and her Success

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Lime Crime is a company that currently has a great online presence in addition to a great fan base that loves the products that are continuously perfected and put out that specialize in makeup that brings out the beautiful features of anyone that uses the product and applies the brightly colored hues to the face. The company of Lime Crime is mostly known for its presence of Instagram where the founder of this company, Doe Deere, posts many images of the innovative products that she sells to customers that are makeup enthusiasts and that look for a new way to apply the makeup.

Ms. Deere founded Lime Crime in 2008 as a side business to her main business of selling clothes on sites such as eBay that were designed and created from scratch that featured beautiful clothing with bright colors as well as bright colored patterns that were applied to all of the designs. Doe Deere used her makeup company that she started on the side in order to add a new makeup that was bright enough to match the look that Doe Deere had created and was going for. Over the past eight years, Doe Deere has earned a fan base over social media sites that are currently known as unicorns.

In recent news, Ms. Deere sat down with a magazine in order to talk about Doe Deere’s plans for the future of her business and to talk about how her business took off in the first place. This magazine is known as Galore magazine and wanted to learn the secret behind the success of Ms. Deere and her many products that are of the highest quality. Doe Deere, during this interview shared the fact that she loves her job and that he passion for becoming a part of the makeup industry started as early as the age of nine years old.

Ms. Deere embellished during this interview by stating that her creativity bloomed while she was a child and was something that never faded away throughout her entire childhood and throughout her current adulthood. Ms. Deere often remarks that she feels lucky for having found a career path that often feels as though she is not a part of the business industry, but instead a part of something even bigger. Ms. Deere loves her job and hopes that her love for makeup transfers to the customers that buy the product.

As a businesswoman, Ms. Deere made the decision to sell her products online exclusively without any brick and mortar shop. This business decision was made in order to continuously rely on the customers as well as their input on the business. As a businesswoman, Ms. Deere believes that it is her job to be in touch with the customers and to rely heavily on the comments that they give about each product whether they be good comments or even bad comments. It is her job to listen to what is said to help her company grow into the future.

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Get Medicare Advantage Advice from InnovaCare Health

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Medicare Advantage plan
Medicare Advantage plans provide health schemes to citizens, and the Federal Government reimburses them the expenses they incur to provide the Medicare benefits.

The common schemes offered by Medicare Advantage plans include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). These are private companies that have entered into contractual agreements with the federal government to provide citizens with Medicare Advantage plans.

Preferred Provider Organizations adheres to a fixed co-payment charge cap when their clients use the scheme’s health services and service providers like InnovaCare Health. If a customer gets services from providers that are not affiliated with the scheme, the costs may be reviewed upwards.

Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) plan provides all services that were provided by Original Medicare. The plan may also offer Medicare drug coverage (Part D).

Despite a few differences in Medicare Advantage plans, there are some common characteristics of their programs.
1. They provide both part A and Part B services offered by original Medicare.
2. They provide all services that were provided under original Medicare
They have a fixed limit on a client’s out-of-pocket spending.
3. Some schemes may provide additional medical benefits such as vision and dental care.
4. The schemes have different regulations that determine how and when you can get coverage.
5. They charge a premium on top of Medicare part B’s monthly premium.
6. To join Medicare Advantage plans, one must have Medicare Parts A and B, reside in the area where the program offers service, and not have an End Stage Renal Disease.

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It is recommended that you seek advice from a Medicare Advantage provider before choosing a particular scheme. Your Medicare Advantage service provider will guide you on selecting the most suitable plan alongside providing quality customer service.

InnovaCare is amongst the leading Medicare Advantage plan providers that you can trust. It is dedicated to providing quality and affordable health care that fully matches the needs of clients utilizing the most recent technology. The firm operates from Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare boasts of critical leadership under CEO Rick Shinto, M.D. Shinto has 20 years of experience serving at executive levels in different healthcare institutions. For instance, he has been a Director and Chief Medical Officer in various hospitals based in California. He has also authored several journals in clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. She has more than 20 years of working experience in government programs and management of health care organizations. She is highly skilled at designing and managing innovative clinical programs and managed healthcare operations.

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Stop wasting time looking for Manhattan offices for rent

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The workforce is changing. For one thing, the confines of a 9-5 work day is slowly fading away and making room for the newer and more efficient types of workforce. This is the collaborative work space. This is also known as co-working spaces or shared office spaces. A growing number of people are discovering the meaningfulness of shared office spaces. For one thing, the environment is a lot different. People fill more at home in the work environment. Given that there are a few different companies in the same work space, this takes pressure off of people to perform. Instead, people are more likely to help each other with the extra sill sets.

One major benefit that co-working spaces give people is the fact that they don’t have to put on some kind of persona. They also don’t have to look for any office politics which can actually get in the way of work that needs to be done. Often times, traditional workplaces are filled with a lot of drama, backbiting and plotting. Shared office spaces have a lower likelihood for that. Therefore, people are more relaxed in this kind of environment. It also helps that the environment is a bit different from the typical workforce environment.

One example of a good alternative to Manhattan offices for rent is Workville NYC. Workville is located in New York City and is a great place for entrepreneurs to meet and collaborate with each other. They work together in order to reach goals. As a result of the hard work and collaboration, many people in this shared work space have seen lots of success. They have also made tons of friends as well as learned a lot of new skills which helps them advance their business to new levels of success.

Workville and other co-working spaces are ideal for start-ups and small businesses. The culture makes it possible for people to breathe easily. One thing that small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about is losing their jobs. They have a greater sense of job security and are able to support themselves as well as make improvements to their lifestyle.